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Where You Want to Be: Mykonos

Mykonos is known for a rather wild night life. But there is another side to it. At the Grace Hotel, you are fare enough removed to hardly know it is there.

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Forbes offers a nice fluff piece about the Hotel.

A mile and a half down shore from Old Port, the five-story property cascades down hillside; a series of spacious bungalows within steps of the beach. Nearly every room here is adjoined by its own terrace, featuring unobstructed views of azure seas — and your very own plunge pool. Inside, guests are provided a bespoke experience by way of scents, fragrances, and bath oils selected prior to check-in, through an online survey. Even pillow styles and bedding can be customized.

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Looks very tempting! And the Food?

The sole restaurant and bar on-site is suspended on a third floor patio, surrounding an infinity pool. Although formal menus exist, both a beverage director and kitchen manager work the floor throughout the afternoon and evening, acting as personal taste concierges. Emerging on the plate and in the glass is artfully rendered gourmet, all inspired by local flavors.

I’m there. How about you?


Mykonoos: Brunch at the Buddha Bar?

Here is the background

The famous Parisian bar restaurant, found the perfect spot for its new Myconian corner. The bar will enjoy a privileged beachfront location at the area of Ornos Santa Marina resort. The site promises new mixes of the music blending in with the Aegean Sea, while guests will enjoy the island’s aura and the summer breeze. The decoration of the bar is in full harmony of its Parisian sister bar while the cocktail list is an exact replica to satisfy its loyal customers. Santa Marina Resort will run the Budha Bar in Mykonos and we anticipate a few summer parties and events with the presence of well-known djs who will lure the crowds in the dancing floor. The menu will include the Pacific Rim menu with pan-Asian, Californian and European influences. The concept promises a holistic experience as envisioned by its founder Mr. Visan, and we expect to see most of the Buddha bar famous junkies in Mykonos.

Luxe … Ultra Luxe … Bohemian Luxe!

Some Saturday fun! This post and the next celebrate the idea of “luxe”.  We reserve the word for special moments. “The full Monty”, so to speak. So Oscar Wilde’s comment from Picture of Dorian Gray  is quite a cut

“She is still decolletee,” he answered, taking an olive in his long fingers; “and when she is in a very smart gown she looks like an edition de luxe of a bad French novel.

Ouch! But where to find that ultimate full package? Well, a certain amount of style is needed. And what better than “boho”? This takes us to a realm where bohemian living intersects with serious coddling. Like at a hotel in Mykonos? The San Giorgio Mykonos?  For one traveler, this is “it”!