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Waiting for a Sip of a Space Cowboy at Death & Co in LA

There are apparently quite a few reasons to visit LA this autumn. Here is one.

(You should) save room for a few drinks from the Arts District outpost of Death & Co, opening this November. The New York City cocktail bar known for its intricate and ground-breaking mixology is being touted as the biggest bar opening in L.A. of the year. While you have to wait to sip a Space Cowboy (bourbon, aquavit, Greek yogurt, peach, lemon) at the new location, Death & Co is throwing pop-ups hosted by other bars throughout the city.

Here is a Death & Co cocktail

Image result for Death & Co Los Angeles

There is also an exhibit of photos by Stanley Kubrick. And of course, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios.

Image result for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios

´I seem to recognize that dude on the left. Wasn’t he  sitting next to me at the Vin ja Vine bar the other evening? Perhaps it was my imagination.

Soho House LA Thinks You are Cool Enough!

Soho House LA?

Downtown Los Angeles has been getting a major hospitality makeover, and much of that recent energy has been directed towards Soho House’s latest property, Soho Warehouse. The sprawling seven-story space is Soho House’s biggest North American outpost yet, transforming a 103-year old warehouse space with their signature style (with some charming L.A touches including local artwork throughout the building), as well as a few new amenities. The biggest one might come as a pleasant surprise to non-members: anyone who books a room will have access to all of the spaces offered at Soho Warehouse, making them temporary members for the duration of their stay. That includes The Garden restaurant and lounge on the ground floor, the Soho Active gym, the social and working spaces on the 6th floor, and of course, the rooftop, where there’s another bar, terrace, and pool with a view of the L.A skyline. While this might seem familiar to regular Soho House guests, Soho Warehouse feels like it already has an identity as a standalone property, bringing together all of the things that have made the brand so popular. It also brings all of those comforts to anyone staying in one of the rooms, transforming their experience and giving them a taste of the Soho House lifestyle.

And a peek isnide

Very cool!

Introducing the Los Angeles Legends

Los Angeles has had its “A List” restaurants for many, many years.  But you might be surprised that this did not always mean great meals

It took a while for Los Angeles to develop its current reputation as being one of America’s great restaurant towns. In Hollywood’s heyday of the 1940 and 1950s, restaurants were far more famous for their bizarre look—The Brown Derby leaps to mind—and their glittering clientele than for their food. Glamour endured as an attraction in the 1980s when the city went through a copycat French nouvelle cuisine phase, when the term California chic referred as much to what people wore to restaurants as they did to movie openings.

These ten are at the top of the list. After you cash out of your unicorn, you may want to check one or more out!

  • Musso & Frank
  • El Cholo Spanish Cafe
  • Spago
  • Trois Mec
  • Providence
  • Matsuhisa Beverly Hills
  • The Bazaar
  • Canteräs Deli
  • Lucques
  • Bestia



You Need to Know Where Tim Hollingsworth Dines in LA!


Because Hollingsworth is a damned good chef.

Before arriving in Los Angeles, Hollingsworth worked alongside Thomas Keller for years at the French Laundry and represented America at the culinary Olympics knows as Bocuse d’Or. He ventured out on his own in 2015, opening Otium alongside the Downtown LA’s groundbreaking new contemporary art museum The Broad. Along with running Otium, he recently won Netflix’s global cooking competition The Final Table.

He knows what to look for. Here are his selections.

I would go with Chi Spacca. What about you?

Los Angeles Update: Atrium Gets “Highly Recommended” from BA

There are lots and lots of sites out there that “recommend” this or that. And´one wonders first how much the rec is worth. For example, is it part of a commercial transaction? I am ok with folks getting paid to review stuff. But it is a factor that I would take into account in forming my opinion about the rec.

And it is not the only factor. I also take into account who is doing the rec. Not only whether they have any expertise. Also whether their tastes are even remotely similar to mine. In fact, I often find that highly expert reviewers are into stuff that leaves me cold. In any event, I like it when a reviewer is open about his or her biases and quirks. That helps me understand where they are coming from. And I think that is one reason why Tony Bourdain was popular — his quirky ways were badges of honor.

There is one more thing. I also am looking for signs that the thing under the microscope  is something “special”. Not just one more nice thing, but something that inspires. You can usually tell that by how the rec is written. And let’s face it, reviews that suggest you can get something inspiring for nothing are 99% of the time bogus. I don’t trust cheap thrills.

Having said all that, I like the BA editorial decision to start a column for “highly recommended” stuff. This is an express link to “trust us — we know you will love this” shared feelings.

And BA just gave that rec to a restaurant in LA called “Atrium”.

This is pretty cool because there are not a lot of reviews out there about Atrium. LA Eater gave it some play last autumn, but no huge love (it was just opening and perhaps too early to say how it would work out).

So it goes on my LA list of places to check out!

Enjoy! And eat well!

Getting Sloshed on Hollywood History

Getting a bit pickled can be fun. it is even more fun when you have a lot of fun stories to tell while you are at it. And there are few places that have the type of stories that Hollywood has.

Let’s face it. The stars of Hollywood’s glamour days loved to party. And they partied pretty hard. Consider this

Perhaps you’ve heard about the time James Dean jumped through a window to audition for Rebel Without a Cause. Or maybe that Led Zeppelin caused a ruckus riding their motorcycles through the lobby. The notorious bad behavior at the Chateau Marmont, perched high above Sunset Boulevard, is no accident

or this

John Wayne was once discovered in the kitchen cooking eggs after sleeping off the previous night’s drinking in one of the Formosa café’s booths.

That just scratches the surface. Check out this post if you want to find out more, and perhaps plan an excursion to experience those glamour days yourself!


Los Angeles Drinking: Harvard & Stone and More!

Harvard & Stone?

The front room occasionally features live music and a laid-back crowd around a long bar in the center of the room.

Head to the small room in the very back, the so-called R&D Bar, where every single night, the bar has a brand new drinks list someone designed that very day. The ingredients are fresh, and the drink names are cheeky. One recent Seinfeld-inspired menu in June, by the very talented bar director Aaron Polsky offered the Acupuncture Class (reposado mezcal, tamarind, lemon and orange) and the Thin Layer of Gaberdine (whiskey, coffee amaro, amaro Abano, sweet vermouth).

Image result for Harvard & Stone Los Angeles

And there are some other very cool drinking venues. They all go on my Los Angeles page.

Today, We Conquer Downtown LA

I liked this plan

Start your day at Egg Slut inside Grand Central Market with their namesake dish, a coddled egg atop a potato puree served in a glass jar with a side of toasted baguette. You’re welcome. From there, make your way to The Broad. The city’s newest contemporary art museum is free and reservations are in high demand, so book tickets ahead of time, especially if you’re hoping for a selfie in Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Rooms. For a different kind of cultural experience, try a guided tour of the Arts District with Cindy Schwarzstein, the founder and director of Cartwheel Art Tours. The once gritty section of DTLA is quickly becoming a dynamic community with a thriving street art scene, and Schwarzstein has a wealth of knowledge on the topic and is super passionate about the ongoing evolution.

For lunch, head to Cafe Gratitude, one of our forever favorites for their healthy riffs on junk food classics like pizza, burrito bowls, and Indian curry. Head back to the hotel swimming pool for some R&R or spend your afternoon perusing the wares at indie boutiques like Poketo (design-driven gifts), Hammer and Spear (vintage furniture and stylish housewares), and Matteo (luxurious linens in earthy colors). For dinner, we like B.S. Taqueria for low-key Mexican dishes, Broken Spanish for fancy Mexican dishes, and Bestia for seasonal Italian fare.

And you start off at the Hotel Figueroa, the only hotel in downtown LA with a ground level pool!

Image result for Hotel Figueroa Los Angeles