Luxe … Ultra Luxe … Bohemian Luxe!

Some Saturday fun! This post and the next celebrate the idea of “luxe”.  We reserve the word for special moments. “The full Monty”, so to speak. So Oscar Wilde’s comment from Picture of Dorian Gray  is quite a cut

“She is still decolletee,” he answered, taking an olive in his long fingers; “and when she is in a very smart gown she looks like an edition de luxe of a bad French novel.

Ouch! But where to find that ultimate full package? Well, a certain amount of style is needed. And what better than “boho”? This takes us to a realm where bohemian living intersects with serious coddling. Like at a hotel in Mykonos? The San Giorgio Mykonos?  For one traveler, this is “it”!

The Arrival of “Ultra-Luxe Bathrooms”

There was a time when grand houses did not have bathrooms. One bathed in public facilities. The idea of installing a tub into a room that was used regularly presumed one had sufficient numbers of servants to fill the tub with hot water. So it was a luxury indeed that later on we could all enjoy this by with a twist of a knob.

But this is apparently not enough. Luxe bathrooms emerged. These might include a telephone that you could reach from the tub. And of course, a bidet. But these are nothing compared to new products coming out “ultra-luxe bathrooms”. To get that feeling, your bath should not just have facilities. it needs a view.  Something like this

Luxury Beach Suite

Check out these beauties if you long for a higher standard of luxury while you perform your daily ablutions.

Re-Thinking Sherlock Holmes – the Creation

From the Guardian. The story starts this way

Sometime in 1885 or 1886, Arthur Conan Doyle was doodling on a sheet of paper.

You see, Doyle had read a masterpiece story by Edgar Allen Poe called “The Murders in the Rue Morgue”.  One aspect of this story, which BTW, you might want to read yourself, fascinated Doyle. The main character was a detective, Auguste Dupin. Doyle had the idea of creating a series of stories using a London based detective. But what name should he use? That brings us back to his doodles.  Perhaps Ormand Sacker? Yikes!

An exhibition and the Museum of London takes us back to those days. Not just to the fictional product that Doyle produced, but to the London of that era. BTW,  you might wonder where our image of Holmes comes from. Indeed. Not so much from the pages of the stories but from the fantastic illustrations by Sydney Paget


The Art of Energy

When I think of a fusion of art and energy, my mind immediately turns to Blake. His drawings seem to explode off the page.

And this is grand. Truly grand stuff. My mind also turns to Turner.

So far so good. But what about REAL energy? When we think of energy production these days, for example, via burning coal or maintaining nuclear fission, art is the last thing we think of.

And yet, we might re-think whether artists could and should be involved in celebrating the magic of energy creation. Their works might look like this solar generation plant

 This “Solar Hourglass” doesn’t measure time, but instead produces energy by capturing heat from the sun and storing it on a receiver. (Image courtesy of LAGI)

Consider this quote from Hypeallergic

There is no shortage of art critiquing humankind’s abuse of the earth today. While these works help illuminate the problem, they don’t actually solve it. But what if artists could use their know-how to engage in a practice that actually brings about real change?



Oops! My Lamborghini is Out of Gas!

In a perfect world, a Lamborghini Countach would never run out of gas. After all, the car looks like this

It is supposed to be perfect! But one Lamborghini Countach owner was rudely surprised to find out that he does not live in a perfect world. He found that out driving his super car near London’s Tower Bridge when it ground to a halt in a no parking zone. Oh dear!

What to do?  Hmmm … one option would be just to abandon the car. Not necessarily the best option, but it is an option. And that is what our subject apparently did. Coming back, he found a sticker on the windshield saying “no parking”. What to do next? Well, one might try to peel it off. Good idea? Things are indeed going downhill.

Steve Jobs and Focus

How often do you think about focus? We tend not to and that is a mistake. That is the point of an interesting article in BI where Joni Ive talks about what he learned from Steve Jobs – it is focus.He says

… the thing with focus is, it’s not this thing you aspire to, or you decide on Monday, ‘You know, I’m going to be focused.’ It is a every minute, ‘Why are we talking about this? This is what we’re working on.’ You can achieve so much when you truly focus.

Every minute? How about every second?