Comet Landing: Success!

From BI

At 11:05 a.m. EST Wednesday, Nov. 12, European Space Agency mission control confirmed that the Philae lander had successfully touched down on the comet67P/Churyumox-Gerasimenko. But some problems with the lander leave them scratching their heads about what actually happened.

But it does appear that the lander is functioning.


I Love “The Mission Continues”!

I saw a profile of this on Chris Hayes “All In” and I loved it!

A back story —. my dad’s brother served in Burma during the Second War and came back damaged. The damage was in part physical. But he had serious mental scars and got a bit lost in post war society. He “lost his mission”.

And i think that a lot of returning service men and women have a similar experience. You are discharged, which seems like a relief, but what then? What is the mission?  These folks want to give more and in fact need to give more. But how? The Mission Continues is the first organization that has a practical approach to offering opportunities.

Which take me to a TV show — or two TV series. The first is the final series of Upstairs Downstairs. One of  the most poignant subplots of the series is what happens to James when he comes home from the first war. It is a tragedy that I cannot forget. The second is The Duchess of Duke Street. There is a similar coming home episode from that terrible war. But here, some veterans have organized to help each other.

You may not want to watch these shows, as good as they are. But keep up with “The Mission Continues”. These folks are doing good work!

Venice: Hotel Baglioni

the latest trend in advertising is “native advertising”. In other words, content that looks like it fits into whatever you are reading or seeing. And more of this appears in blogs.

I am all for it. I don’t really mind knowing that a seller is paying for something if I like it. And so it was with this blog post about the Hotel Baglioni in Venice.  The blogger is up front about it — and I like that even more. And the info was fun. Check it out!

New York: Subway Art

I suspect that no one will travel to New York in order to take the subway (or the “slobway” as my New Yorker friend calls it). But there are aspects of the New York subway system that deserve comment. First, it works. It gets you there. And considering how big New York is, that is pretty cool. Second, it does have stuff meant to please you. To engage you. It is loaded with art. Here are some examples – stuff like this


So next time you take the subway, check out the art! And remember for just a second, that someone in the metro system loves you!

How Not to Cheat!

Every now and then you hear stories about people who cheat and get caught. This one gave me a smile. An amateur marathoner came in first in the women’s division of a race. Her time was very good. Nothing unusual so far. Except that when the race officials ccked her time at the half way point, they discovered that to achieve her overall time, she would have had to run the second half of the marathon at world record pace.

Hmmm … lesson learned? Don’t set a world record if you cheat marathoning!

Estonia: Finally, Someone Mentions the Seto

Travel blog posts about Estonia pop up now and then. And most of the posts are about Tallinn and its tourist trade. Tallinn is nice, but there are many other things to write about as well. And one is the very odd recent past. That includes talking about the people who live on either side of the Russian border. One of those peoples is the Seto.

Hmmm … who? The Seto are related to the Estonians but they live on the other side of the border now. And they are an interesting bunch. You can learn more from this post. And I will blog more about the Seto as I get the opportunity.