Tomorrow: Kutsume and his Hoshi no tame!

What is that? Well, visit tomorrow and you can find out! Hint. It comes from around here



Today Only! Top Paris Stuff!

Yesterday I promised that I would reveal some “top Paris attractions”. And some fans got excited. I am glad that I touched a chord. It makes up just a tad for my not going to Paris this summer. So here goes! Some top Paris stuff!

Top Brasserie?  In the 15th, you have “Le Café du Commerce is a legendary highlight of the 15th arrondissement and one of the things that made Le Motte Piquet area renowned.” Luxury Travel Blog lists it as in the top four.

Top Belly of Paris? This refers to “café”, late night especially. Alexander Lobraino picks Café des Musée. Ok, I admit it. I put it on the list because I liked the opener to his Saveur post — “It’s a rainy spring night, and I’m running late to meet my partner, Bruno, for dinner. My umbrella is broken, but I know it’ll all be just fine once I get to the Café des Musées.” Paris by mouth offers more than you need to know


The Quintessence of Catdom

I  have lived with cats for many years. And based on my experience, you can say many things about them, but not that they are great “guard pets”. Any of my cats, even the intrepid Hans Munsterman, would look at an intruder in the house more as a curiosity rather than a threat to my privacy. So I was intrigued by the story of heroic Smudge, the tabby cat who defended his five year old human from a bully. The phrase “his human” is not a typo. In case you didn’t know, cats think that they own us. I thought this image conveys the flavor of the thing rather well.