I Love Working Less!

My father, who was a hard working guy and proud of it, would not get this. He believed in hard work to get ahead. And he was successful. I am not opposed to hard work, but I don’t believe that working harder equals working smarter. And these days, working smarter is the key to success.

How do you do that? Well, step one is stop trying to work harder. Stop banging your head against the wall. Stop staying at the office until late at night to get that one last e mail out. Get more out of what you do rather than do more to get less.

Jeff Sutherland has more on this important line of thought.


Are You an Eatie or a foodie?

I am seriously into food. But I agree with Jim Gaffigan, food smobs turn me off.  So I liked the distinction that Jim made in an interview with Eater

I’m aware that there is this whole culinary landscape that goes way beyond gourmet magazines, right? You can’t really exist living in a large city without being aware that there is a foodie culture. I thought that it was appropriate to make that distinction to keep my point of view authentic.

I didn’t want to present myself as a foodie or someone that even knows tons of celebrity chefs. I kind of identified myself as like: I could probably name three celebrity chefs. I’ve never commented on Yelp. [I’m] somebody who wants the closest best burger. I admire and I’m jealous of some foodies’ culinary escapades but I’ve got five kids and I do stand-up every night, so I’m not somebody that can go out to dinner and go on these foodie adventures. I mean, I would like to, but I don’t even get to go out to dinner as much as I’d like.

I agree. Food is a part of having fun with an essential part of living in a social way. So count me in! I am a proud Eatie too!


Syria: Update on Kobane

BBC reports that the tide of battle is shifting. ISIS is being driven out of the kurdish city just below the Turkish border. Intensified US airstrikes helped. But one has to admire the fighting spirit of the kurds — including kurdish women who also took a commanding role in the fight. Bravo!

And no thanks to the Turks who just sat there watching across the border. Indeed, rather than helping the kurds in Syria, the grumpy Turks bombed a kurdish political center in Turkey.  Hmmm … not a strategic high point, methinks.

New York on a Budget

This sounds like an oxymoron, right? But New York offers quite a few things that won’t eat deeply into the savings of your next generations. Of course, if you want to spend … no one is going to stop you.  I liked this short list of recommendations for three levels of spending – cheap, average and whopper from Style Girlfriend. Though I could go a lot farther on the whopper side! I also liked this comment

One of my favorite things to do in NYC when I still lived there was to visit Paley Park on 53rd between 5th and Madison. It wasn’t a terribly big area, nor was there much green, but a 20 foot waterfall graces the rear of the park, and that alone made it a spectacular sight buried deep into Midtown.

Paley Park?

Rome on an Empty Stomach

How can you resist an article that starts off like this

Unfortunately I did not see the list of the top 5 foods I should eat when in Rome until after I left,

Oops! this traveler needs help! It gets better

After running around the La Spagna (Spanish Steps) area like a chicken with my head cut off searching for something I could eat for dinner, I turned to FourSquare for suggestions of restaurants that were affordable, nearby, and authentic.

Right!  No doubt, FourSquare will solve everything

I came across Ristorante alla Rampa, a pretty highly rated restaurant in a very convenient location, so I made my way there only to find out that it was closed until September

Lucky for this traveler, there was a pizzaria next door! The story has a nice ending, with more recommendations — and yes, with gelato — that I leave for you to find out!

In case you are wondering, here we are at alla Rampa!

BTW, looking for recommendations on pissarias in Rome? Look no futher! Foodtours offers this list.