Your Istanbul Hotel – the Basileus

A while back, I posted about my friend’s great experience in Istanbul when he stayed at the Basileus Hotel.

It is a virtuous circle. Today some folks commented that they will stay at the Baselius because of what they read. I wrote to the hotel and they immediately wrote back saying how delighted they are to greet these new guests as family. Indeed, they treat all of their guests that way.

So if you have had great contacts at places you visited, let me know. I love writing about great people around the world!


London: Piccadilly, Saving the Porter’s Rest

I have walked through Piccadilly Circus in London many times and I never noticed that there was a “porter’s rest” there. It looked like this

The Porter's Rest on Piccadilly

What was it for? In the old days, it was for porters to put down whatever they were lugging for a pause, without having to put the stuff on the ground.

The porter’s rest stood in Piccadilly for over 100 years but was recently removed by the local government. I think it should be restored, don’t you? Here is the story.

Paris: The New Saveur Guide

Hmmm … is Paris the most closely watched eating venue on the planet? it does seem so. But new guides are always welcome and Saveur has the “chops” to offer a good one. So dig in!

there is innovation shining brightly in the City of Light, with pop-up pairings featuring chef collaborations; food trucks dishing out artisanal burgers; really good coffee that doesn’t taste like sludge; and even breakfast for those of us who like a few eggs with our baguette and butter. Whatever you fancy, be it snails or beef cheek, natural wine or un cocktail, mangez bien!

BTW, Saveur is a site that I do follow on a regular basis for inspiration and ideas about the good life. yes, this is a recommendation. No, I don’t get paid for it. Tant pis for me!

London: A New Wine Club

This is not for the riff raff. After all, a bottle of plonk will set you back at least 50 quid. Ouch! But … if you are in funds and spend sufficient time in London to make membership worth it … has some news for you

A new private members club for wine lovers is about to open in London’s historic ‘clubland’ district of St James, following years of planning and offering 1,200 wines by the glass and bottle.

The name is 67 Pall mall and it looks like this