Amazing Women: Lee Miller Part 6 Thus Spoke the Thunder

We have traced Lee Miller”s amazing path from beautiful Vogue model to surrealist photographer to marriage to an Egyptian businessman and then back to Paris. Lee was restless. She needed something more than day to day life offered. And then came the war.

Not many artists got swept up in the drama of the war. Most let the fighting men do the fighting. Lee Miller was different. She went from surrealist photographer to war correspondent naturally. And she got deeply engrossed in the emotional pathos that soldiers endured. Her war photos are powerful.

The war took her in. She merged with it. And then the war was over. What happened next? Stay tuned!

Berlin on Kant part 3 – Ideas Turn into Their Opposites

There is no debate these days, whether the enlightenment and its effects were positive. Silly! Figures like Immanuel Kant rightfully freed the human spirit from old dogma and inspired us to use our reason rather than remain trapped by superstition.

But freeing the individual also meant freeing the individual to be stupid.  Kant would not have liked this outcome, but it is our 20th century history. Berlin writes

No one, as far as I know, had ever prophesied the rise of modern national narcissism, the self-adoration of peoples, of their conviction of their own immeasurable superiority to others, and subsequent right to domination over them.

But fascists held these views , were prepared to die for them and did die for them. The same may apply to racism and religious fanaticism. And both bedevil us today. The genie is out of the bottle. And we need to find a way to use our enlightened minds to overcome the consequences that freedom to be stupid may unleash.

Nice Watch! Did it Cost a Million?

I don’t know about you, but I would be embarrassed if I had to answer “Errrrrr … in fact it did!” Is any watch worth that much? Well, the clever folks at Roger DuBuis would argue that their watch is indeed. Not because it is solid gold or platinum. But because it is so high tech that it out high techs anything you could dream of. BI has this rather amazing story.  Given how often I mislay my watches, I cringe at the thought of having one of these babies!


Helsinki: Look out for Head Spinning Mongolians!

Want to know what to do in Helsinki this weekend? Well, wonder no more!  The Niubi Festival is happening!

Tulegur Gangzi describes his music as “Mongolian grunge” and “nomad rock.” Thrashing at an acoustic guitar, the Inner-Mongolian troubadour is singing in the khomei style, the throat-singing which sounds part-gargle, drone and chant – or all three at once. His approach to the guitar is just as remarkable. With his left hand sliding up and down the neck, the open tunings he employs set up a sibilant plangence nodding to the trancey folk-rock of Stormcock Roy Harper. The slashing, descending guitar which kicks in near the close of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” appears to also be in this whirpool. The sound is astonishing. Hypnotic, too.