Kooky Stuff: What’s Up with the Solar System?

A while ago, I had great fun reading an article about aliens playing hide and seek behind the dark side of the moon. It was pretty well done. I knew it was a hoax and it was a hoax, but I still enjoyed it. This morning, I got the same pleasure from reading a piece by Steve Bancarz. Steve thinks the solar system is heating up and … drum roll please … that is why we have global warming here on earth.

I don’t buy this for a second, but it was a fun read!

follow up – doing a quick google search on “solar system warming” gives quite a few links to discussions of the idea that climate change on the earth is due to changes in the sun’s radiation (hence so called solar system warming). For example, Discover Magazine debunks this claim.


Ken Robinson is Insanely Popular! Why?

If you are among the few who don’t know who Sir Ken is, he is famous for his TED appearances.  In fact, his TED presentation has been viewed 28,000,000 times, making it the most popular on the TED platform. Here it is

It is an interesting presentation on an important topic. But Sir Ken is also just a very good speaker. BI reveals some of his “secrets”.   Good Stuff! Presentation Zen offers more!

French Steampunk?

This may make a trip to Brittany worth it

When you think of the French region of Brittany, many images may spring to mind: windswept beaches, medieval towns, plates of soft pink langoustines. A giant walking mechanical elephant, however, is probably not one of them.

It is part of an amusement park of an unusual sort — inspired by the work of Jules Verne (who was from Nantes), you can get up close and personal with all sorts of amazing constructions – at Les Machines!

Les Machines, nantes, france


Tesla’s New Model D

No, I am not about to lay out $140 k for an electric sports car. But I am fascinated by the design concepts put into Tesdla’s new model D. Giga took it for a test drive.

the Model D is a souped up dual motor, all-wheel-drive version of the Model S that can go zero to sixty in just over 3 seconds

Zooooom! And btw, it comes with autopilot.

Vox offers more thoughts about the self-driving capacity

Tesla also announced a slew of new “autopilot” features for all of its Model S versions. The vehicles will now come outfitted with an array of cameras, sensors, and software that give them vast new self-driving capabilities. Tesla cars will be able to change lanes on their own, obey speed-limit signs, and even park themselves.

The Tesla D won’t be a completely autonomous, self-driving car. But it certainly looks like a major step in that direction.

I’ll Have the Tuna with truffle-infused ponzu jelly, Please

Where can you order this? Or more to the point where MUST you order this? Hint. It is a “must have” in a London restaurant.  And it is one of a list of “must have’s” from great London restaurants by Zagat. Give up? Ok. It’s from the Yashin Sushi.

Lightly seared tuna sashimi is fondant-soft and practically dissolves in your mouth, but it’s the sharp ponzu jelly — with its unusual texture and contrasting flavours — that is the star of this dish.


Paris: Frank Gehry at Centre Pompidou

Do you agree?

The work of Frank Gehry has revolutionised the way we see architecture, and a big, comprehensive retrospective of his work in Europe has been long overdue. The architect’s portfolio, including iconic projects such as the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao (1997) and the Walt Disney Concert Hall (2003), features widely recognised landmarks in architectural history.

Hmmm … Gehry is pretty amazing. And Gehry fans will want to head over to Paris and the fantastic Centre Pompidou to check out a retrospective. You might first check out one of Gehry’s new projects, the Louis Vuitton Museum just opening