I love great kitchen knives!

This started a looooong time ago. It was in Washington, and on my way home from work I used to pass by a Hoffritz window display that showed an insanely expensive chef’s knife. I couldn’t help but stop and gawk at it. It was my Ferrari and of course, at one point I gave in and bought it. Wow! I loved it! I couldn’t imagine how I had lived without it.

And this was just the start. What about a utility knife? A paring knife? I started checking these bad boys out as well. And my knife collection grew.  I have a lot of kitchen knives by now. And I love them still. So this video definitely got my attention!


In the Garden

Yesterday was a gorgeous day here in Tartu and I spent it mainly in the garden. A few photos came out nicely. This is one, a rather sensuous tulip. Enjoy!


Here is another. I love the color contrasts


Late Night Shenanigans in Paris

Just what is a shenanigan, anyhow? We know them when we see them. Like dancing on the roof of a car. Or swimming in someone else’s private pool.  Or shooting bottle rockets at passing buses that bounce off the passenger windows.

All harmless fun that is better performed after a suitable amount of boozing and blah blah. Then the mood hits one. The policeman’s hat must be pinched! The stunning blonde at the bar must be praised for her perspicuity. You get the idea. And summertime is the time for shenanigans. Perhaps at a place like this? Ripe for a rubber band fight?

By the way, you might like to know that no one actually knows where the word shenanigans comes from. It mysteriously appeared in California in the mid 19th century and was associated with the gold rush. Hmmm … might it have Latin blood?

Global Travel Guide

the web is exploding with guides about where to go and what to do for just about every destination you can think of. And there are all sorts of platforms out there as well.

Indeed, there is TOO MUCH information about too many places. Moreover, the reliability of the information varies tremendously. So, I have decided to use my blog to compile my own guides from sources that I like.

Yes, this is entirely selfish. It is for moi! But, I am, by and large, a nice chap, and I am more than happy to share my collection for free. It will evolve as I go forward collecting tips that I think are worth coming back to and will grow under the “Travel” menu above.

If you do use it, let me know. And if you have ideas for places that you think should be included, again, feel free to comment.


Getting Peckish in Rome

Rome is an adventure for the peckish (those who feel the inclination to peck). Not because Rome lacks good food. To the contrary, it has great restaurants. But it also has quite a few not so great tourist traps. So if you find yourself pecking around in the eternal city, do use a city guide to take you to a place where pecking is done properly. Here is a nice list of ten options.

I might go for the San Lorenzo

For a city known for its pasta and meat, it is perhaps surprising that so many locals would not hesitate to describe this elegant seafood restaurant as their favorite place in Rome. A big reason is the unrivaled quality of its fish. The crudi (raw fish) are perfect, as is the signature pasta with locally sourced fish. The vongole veraci (carpet shell clams) in the spaghetti come straight from Sabaudia, a pleasant seaside town south of Rome, while the anchovies in the Spelt Spaghetti with bread crumbs and ash-roasted peppers come from the island of Ponza. Don’t be intimidated by the formal appearance: This elegant restaurant offers warm, friendly service. In the warmer months, ask to be seated outside, at one of the tables in Via dei Chiavari, a scenic alley that is as Roman as it gets. Via dei Chiavari 4/5, 00186 Roma; ilsanlorenzo.it