Lazing Under a Mango Tree

We all have visions of how life could be really great. And  for some people, things seem to work out that way.  Isabel Lucas got her start as an actress like this

The ethereal bohemian beauty was discovered back in 2002

Well, it is nice to be described as an “ethereal bohemian”, beauty or not. But how was she discovered?

… while she was lazing under a mango tree at an organic market

Lazing under a mango tree? Perhaps it is because I spend a lot of time in a northern climate up here in Tartu. but that image resonates.  BTW, you can have a chilled caipirinha at a hostel called the Mango Tree near the Ipanema beach in Rio …

Jim Oseland Goes Organic

You might ask, “who is Jim Oseland?” Up until just a few days ago, Jim was the senior editor of Saveur Magazine. I know because I like Saveur online. It is a food mag, but not just a food mag. I gets into lifestyle and travel things and does so on a pretty high level. So Jim got my attention. But Jim is leaving Saveur to edit a magazine called “Organic Life” that is put out by the folks at Rodale. I will keep an eye on this to see if Jim adds some flair to this venture. Methinks it needs it.

Here is Jim chowing down at a cooking competition


The Gril with the Dragon Tattoo in Zurich

Towards the end of the novel, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, we are taken to the lovely city of Zurich. I can attest to the charm of this great city. In the book, our hero makes use of two hotels the “Matterhorn” and the “Zimmertal”. These are fictional names. The movie used the Dolder Grand Hotel as a backdrop, which is a luxury spa on the edge of town and seriously nice.  Here is a peek at the Dolder

Hmmm … but there are other options. And to walk to the bank, our hero would have needed a more central location. Perhaps the Storchen?