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“I Like the Idea of Secret Cities”

This is a quote from Fabien Riggel, founder of “Secret Cinema”. The idea is that instead of just sitting through a movie or a play, you get snatched up into an adventure where you are part of the events. This was the theme of one of my favorite Hitchcock films, North by Northwest. Cary Grant gets swept up alright.  In this scene, he is supposed to meet someone who would explain what was going on. Well, it seems that was not in the script. Enjoy!



Christmas in Paris

Years ago, I found myself in London as a grad student in economics at the LSE. Day by day, the lectures grew  more  tedious.. Worse still, I had only a few friends. Sitting over a soggy pizza in Leicester Square one day, kept company only by a dreary econometrics textbook, I wondered what had possessed me to wander away home and friends. Then in early December, just when the weather had turned particularly wet, dark and dark, I received a letter in the daily post. It was from a friend in the US who suggested that if I had nothing to do for Christmas, I should visit the family of a mutual friend in Paris. He had already made the arrangements.   It was manna from heaven.  Rescues like this are all the more fantastic when they are so unexpected. Sort of like the dog network in 101 Dalmatians. Though in Pongo’s case, the rescue was started by his own barking in the night.