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Bond Lore: A Tribute to Desmond Llewelyn

As you may know, Desmond Llewelyn played “Q” in 13 Bond films. He was the geeky equipment guy whose inventions saved Bond countless times. And in some ways, Desmond’s Q was as much a key to Bond’s appeal as Bond himself. I enjoyed this tribute to the actor, and fine man. Enjoy!

Paris in Your Dreams? These Films Will Take You There!

I thought this list of films set in Paris is fun!

A not so great addition — Jimmy Stewart was showcased in this goofy Paris film

And what about Maurice Chevalier et al in

And of course, the silly but charming romantic comedy starring Peter O’Toole and Audrey Hepburn,



London Calling: Craving London? These Films Set in London are What the Doctor Ordered!

Here is the list!

My picl

Vanity Fair (2004)

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A top-flight British cast, led by American Reese Witherspoon as poor, orphaned Becky Sharp, enlivens this depiction of Thackery’s satirical novel. Starting as a governess, she proves to be a relentless social climber. The portrait of Regency England society filmed in London and surrounding shires is a visual treat, too. Directed by Mira Nair. —P.T.

Here is the trailer

Go for it!

Why Bond Works – Mixing Business and Pleasure

It is no accident that the James Bond series took off in the 1960’s. Bond offered a potent fusion of adventure and pleasure. Everything he did wasl geared towards getting the most out of the moment. Existential? Meaningless? Silly? Sexist? All true. And provocative. Bond provoked audiences to embrace pleasure as a critical part of one’s life story. And in the 1960’s that message found its eager audience.

It is fun to revisit the optimism of the early 1960’s. Even after Kennedy was killed, there was a sense that the tough post war days were in the past. America was prospering, and confident in its place in history. A  perfect moment for a frolic. And Bond gave us quite a frolic.

And that is the core thing about Bond. The Bond story works when we feel Bond mixing business and pleasure. It would be noir if there was not so sensual gratification. This video gets into that theme.  Enjoy!