Nano-Luxe Update: US Coffee Subscription Services Ranked

There has never been a better time to get coffee beans (grand or whole) to your door in the US. Why? First, the proliferation of craft roasters. Second, a variety of delivery services that allow you to pick and choose what is best for you.

BTW – in case you are new to the coffee game, keep in mind

  • Once roasted, coffee beans get stale pretty quickly – in a week or so. So fresh is always better
  • Grinding the beans causes a faster degradation. So if you are into it, go for the whole bean route and grind your own
  • if you are going to grind, it is worth investing in a quality grinder.

That said, here are the top subscription services according to EPI

“Trade provides the best value for the price and its service does a great job of delivering coffees tailored to your taste. Try Bean Box if your ultimate goal is to taste a variety of coffees before committing to a favorite. And opt for Quintal if you’re looking for unusual flavor to break you out of your coffee rut.”

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