Ukraine Headline: Ukrainian Counter-Offesnive Near Izyum

This is a key location for Russia’s attempted encirclement of Ukrainian forces defending in Dombas.

Russian forces took the city and have tried to move south from there. Now this

From the Guardian

Ukrainian forces are on the counteroffensive near the Russian-held town of Izyum, Reuters reports, citing the governor of the Kharkiv region.

The news agency calls the move a striking at a key axis of Russia’s assault on eastern Ukraine and notes that a major and successful counteroffensive on that Russian line of advance would deal a serious setback for Moscow in the Battle for the Donbas, a region in Ukraine’s east that Russia has said it wants to capture completely.

Moscow’s forces have been trying to fight their way south from the town of Izyum, the northern part of a Russian pincer movement aimed at outflanking battle-hardened Ukrainian forces dug in to defend the eastern front line. The regional governor Oleh Sinegubov has said:

The hottest spot remains the Izyum direction. Our armed forces have switched to a counteroffensive there. The enemy is retreating on some fronts and this is the result of the character of our armed forces.

In a possible shift in momentum in the war, Ukraine has been recapturing territory in its northeast, driving Russia away from the second-largest Ukrainian city of Kharkiv in their fastest advance since Moscow’s troops pulled away from Kyiv.

Ukrainian forces destroyed parts of a Russian armoured column as it tried to cross a river in the Donbas, video from Ukraine’s military showed on Friday, and its defence minister predicted many weeks of grinding fighting ahead.

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