Future Trends: Rethinking Immune System Disorders

Medical science has made enormous strides over the last century. But while this is true, we should keep in mind that it started from a very, very low point. Not too long ago, for example, doctors did not know that they should wash their hands before doing operations.

I mention this because it seems at times that medical experts are unable to admit their shortcomings. For example, the reality is that medical science does not really understand how the immune system works. That is why we cannot treat a whole raft of immune disorders: from ALS to Parkinsons to MS and more.

But we are learning. The podcast below gets into a breakthrough in understanding how to treat neurological disorders caused by immune system breakdown. It starts with the admission by doctors that what medical science thought about these disorders was wrong. Because a person close to me suffers from MS, and another person from a lupus related immune disorder. I have a particular interest in this.

The ideas discussed are exciting because they show a path to developing a deeper understanding of how the body interacts with bacteria, and how we can enhance our body function by managing those interactions — rather than just trying to intervene with pills, etc. And for those who suffer from one of these disorders, it offers hope of a cure — not just treating the symptoms.

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