Should Estonia Go Nuke?

There has been ongoing discussion here in Estonia about “energy security”. Folks are worried that in the near future, as its shale oil production is shut down, Estonia will not be able to meet its own power needs without importing lots of power (and not from Russia). So what to do?

One option is to go for small nukes. To be clear, this is not an option that I favor. I have my concerns about the environment, as well as the costs. On the other hand, I do favor an open dialog about the options on the table.

So I appreciated this post by Henri Ormus where he advocates the nuke option. It is well thought out and and presented. And I see it as a first step in developing a dialog about the options. Next up (I hope) will be a piece by proponents of developing renewable sources — including sustainable hydrogen.

One last point — solar has not been developed very much in Estonia and most reject it as a major source of power because of at best intermittent sunshine. That may or may not be an insurmountable barrier to including solar in Estonia’s energy production strategy. But because of solar’s falling costs, it would be a pity if it is rejected without thinking it through. What technologies are developing that might overcome this? Better panels? Collection from high altitude and space?

Let the discussion begin!

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