Who is in Your Advocacy Group?

We all have … errr …we might call them “issues”:  These are problems that we need to solve. They might be personal or social or family oriented or career oriented. Or they might be  medical or philosophical. But, as dear old dad said, “only stupid people don’t have problems”.

He did have a rather blunt way of speaking!

So, if we have issues, how do we find solutions? We know from Steve Johnson, that great ideas (for those solutions) come out of great conversations.

We won’t get far trying to solve our problems on our own. And that means we need support. We need … advocates for us!

So who are these folks?

BTW, some groups DO have advocacy groups that are having a lot of fun! Fred Wilson wrote yesterday about the TechNYC acvocacy group for startups in that city. They just had great fun ringing the bell at the New York Stock Exchange!

So who is ringing the bell for you?

I think we all deserve that kind of enthusiastic support. And I think we can find paths to get it. But we need the right tools to make it happen.

Interested? Stay tuned! You are in the right place to figure this out!

A quick follow up: Of course, if you have the moula, you might hire a “coach”. CEO’s do this, and then form close relationships with those people who are professionals in being an advocate for their clients.Here is how that works. So why can’t the rest of us access similar types of support? Perhaps I am a bit bonkers, but I think we should be able to.

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