What’s New in Paris this Fall? Lots!

HIP Paris offers a really fun overview. Check it out!

it includes new restaurants

  • L’Avant Poste (farm to table)
  • Polichinelle (veggies from their rooftop garden)
  • Maison
  • Contraste
  • Shabour
  • Pavilion
  • Jules Verne
  • le 58

Image result for Jules Verne Eiffel Tower

A view from the Jules Verne

New art venues and public spaces

  • Fluctuart
  • Citéco
  • liberation Museum
  • Balzac’s home
  • Châtelet Theater
  • Albert Kahn Gardens
  • L’Aerog Art

Image result for Albert Kahn Gardens

From the Albert Kahn Garden

Bars inside abandoned train stations

  • Poinςon

Rooftop Plantatins

  • Agripolis urban farm
  • Gare Messéna vertical farm

Image result for Gare Messéna

rendering gare Messena

New Hotels

  • Ballu
  • Sinner,
  • Oh-La-La!,
  • Flanelles,
  • Mama Shelter West,
  • J.K. Place,
  • Cour des Vosges
  • Cheval Blan at La Samaritaine department store

Image result for Cour des Vosges

Coeur des Vosges

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