You Need to Know What a DIP is

Remember when blogging got started?

At first the word “blog” sounded very strange. And it was strange. Suddenly anyone could set up a webpage and post content. At first, there were not many tools for this. But eventually tools became easier to find, use and master. Then all sorts of folks and their brothers were blogging.

Me too.

A funny thing happened after that. So much content started flowing that no one could find anything. Search engines helped. But Mark Zuckerberg and a few others realized that they could dominate the social part of the web by building a mega platform. So we got Facebook, etc. and those platforms pretty much sucked the air out of the blogging universe.


That was ok  for Mark. And it was not too bad for the rest of us because the platforms that we plugged into were easy to use and are still useful in conveying information to our “friends” and “networks”.

But there is a problem. This is all very messy in one major respect. NONE of the above helps us as individual squeeze much value out of our time on the web. We give value over to Mark (who sells our data) and to Jeff (who sells us stuff online). But our chances to sell stuff ourselves and better yet to learn stuff that develops into “high value added” propositions are limited. And to be blunt,  that sucks.

So what to do? Most of us would answer “nothing”. I suggest that this is not optimal. We can do better if we organize around a new web concept based on a demand that WE get something out of our web interactions. That is what a DIP does.

I will get more into this later. For now — consider this a clarion call to think outside of the box for yourself.

You deserve it.

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