Shock! Horror! Having Fun in a Restaurant?

I remember when Ben and Jerry started up their ice cream company. Their “big idea” had two parts. First, they spent the time to get really good at making new ice cream flavors. All winter, in fact. Second, they were dedicated to having fun.

Image result for Ben & Jerry fun

Way to go guys!

It is that last part that I want to wrote about here.  How much fun do you have when you go out to eat? If you are like me, there are some limits because most places don’t emphasize the joy of what they are doing. And that is too bad! We don’t just put on the old feed bag to survive. We do it for the pleasure of the experience!

Got that?

Right! Now check out this article where BA editor Julia Kramer lists the most fun trends she discovered while she traveled the US making her 10 best restaurant list. Does she have fun or what?

Here is Julia podcasting with Andrew Knowlton

Image result for Julia Kramer Bon

My fav

Three words melty cheese canoe. If that didnt grab your attention the beef pide  at Balkan Treat Box in St. Louis will....

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