Our President Doesn’t Read Anything?

The moral of this story may be that it is not a great thing to be both corrupt and stupid.

The Donald Trump era is astonishing for many reasons. And you have to give the dude credit. Each time when you think he has hit rock bottom, he finds a way to dig the hole deeper still.

So now we have the whistle blower scandal.

But I don’t want to write about that. Instead, I would like to focus on one Corey Lewandowski. In case you have forgotten, Lewandowski was briefly Trump’s campaign manager until he was replaced by the now imprisoned Mr. Manafort. It came out the other day that Lewandowski lied while being interviewed on national TV. Whether your are a Trump fan or a  Lewandowski fan or not, this is not in dispute. Lewandowski told a whopper to the nation, and it was one hell of a whopper!

The fact that Lewandowski lied tells us something about the man and the state of affairs in Trump land. The more interesting aspect of the story, however, is WHY Lewandowski lied. To get that, you need to know that he lied about whether Donald Trump had made a certain phone call to  him. In sworn testimony to the special counsel, Lewandowski admitted that Trump made the call. He described the call. On TV, Lewandowski vehemently denied  having received it.

So if Lewandowski had already admitted under oath that he got the call, and described what was said, why bother lying on TV? Did Lewandowski not consider that the lie eventually would be revealed? The answer brings out something about Donald Trump that we might have suspected, but didn’t want to believe. Here it is

Lwandowski may not be the sharpest tack in the box, but he knew that what he told special counsel Mueller implicated the president in obstruction of justice. For Lewandowski, this was nicht gut because — while admitting what happened would be honest and in certain situations required by law —- it would also damage his relationship with Trump. But Lewandowski also knew that Trump DOES NOT READ. So it might not matter if Lewandowski fingered Trump to Mueller because Trump would never read the Mueller report.

Here is where things get really weird. Lewandowski also knows that Trump watches a lot of TV. He knew that Trump would probably watch his TV interview. So he lied on TV about whether Trump called him so that it would appear to Trump that Lewandowski was standing up for him — even though months before, he had already ratted on Trump.

So in his sworn testimony to Congress the other day, Lewandowski had to admit that he lied on TV in order to avoid perjuring himself, but did so in a way that still obscured what he lied about.  He got all puffed up and defensive and rude. Don’t be fooled by the show. Lewandowski was putting on a show for one person – Donald Trump. He still was trying to persuade Trump that he is loyal, while at the same time, trying to avoid going to prison for perjury.  So we got something like this “I may have lied on TV, but TV journalists lie all the time!” More precisely he said

“I have no obligation to be honest with the media because they are just as dishonest as anybody else,”

Errr? Hello?

As an aside, note that Lewandowsk’s concern about what Trump did was not about respect for the law, or respect for the public who were watching him lie on TV. or about respect for Congress It was all about whether Lewandwoski would get the boot by the dude in charge.  Nice, right?

Enough about Lewandowski. Let’s state this bluntly. Donald Trump doesn’t read. Not even the Mueller Report – the document that Trump has repeatedly claimed exonerates him Not only that, the people who work for Trump know that Trump does not read and they manipulate him based on that knowledge. That would include the less than brilliant Mr. Lewandowski. One has to wonder what those folks have told Trump is actually in the Mueller Report.  Yikes!

That is the state of affairs in the White House. And it aint pretty.  So onward with the whistle blower scandal! And the FEMA scandal! And the scores of other rotten stuff that we are hearing about each and every day.

Too bad we can’t tell ourselves that “It’s only a movie.” This is reality. Our reality. The reality our kids will remember about our era. The reality that they will ask “how could that have happened?”  And what will we tell them? That we don’t remember? Or how about that their reality is even worse? Now that is a scary thought indeed!

I forgot to mention. Mr. Lewandowski is running for the Senate in 2020 in New Hampshire. At least he says that he is.

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