I Kept Thinking that Oscar Wilde is Still Important. I just Remembered why

Before I say anything, I would be frank with you. I do not think that Oscar Wile was one of the great story tellers of his day. There were better. Nor are his plays among the most entertaining. They have their moments, but sometimes are a bit over done.

Indeed, Wilde himself was, let’s face it, a bit overdone.

So why the fascination? I have wondered about this. And I have come to a conclusion. Wilde is still important because he championed the cause of not taking ourselves too seriously. Not getting too caught up in our struggles to justify our existence. To also spend a bit of effort enjoying reality as it is presented to us.

Why is this important? Because we do tend to take ourselves too seriously. And that tends to restrict our ability to see reality more broadly. And to be more tolerant. And to be more inclusive.

Got that? Good! So go watch “An ideal Husband“. And enjoy it!

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