The Dark Lord of Cover Ups Wades into the Epstein “Suicide”

Before I write anything else, I should clarify one thing. I believe that Jeffrey Epstein took his own life. I do not believe that he was murdered.

On the other hand … Mr. Epstein was connected to some interesting people. Some were American and others were foreign. We know very little about those connections. And we do know a few things about Mr. Epstein (1) he was up to eyeballs in financial fraud. That is how he got his money, and (2) he was up to eyeballs in weird sexual trafficking, and (3) he knew he was skating on thin ice. He had made arrangements to make himself vanish as needed. Yet, he was arrested and found himself in jail, without bail.

Oops! That was inconvenient for everyone and anyone who was part of Epstein’s network!

So what to make of it? First of all, he was a high profile defendant. Not run of the mill. That means he needed special treatment. Special treatment that he did NOT receive. Lapses in oversight enabled him to take his own life before he came to trial. And the blame for that goes to the Department of Justice, the agency that supervises the federal prison system.

Second Attorney General, Bill Barr, whom I will call the Dark Lord of Cover Ups immediately waded in  to say that someone lower down was to blame for this. The reality is that Bill Barr himself is in charge of these things. Did Bill Barr or any high level official lift a finger to get special treatment for this special treatment deserving prison inmate? Apparently not.

Which then leads us to the next question. Why not? Why didn’t high level officials do anything to try to prevent Mr. Epstein from hanging himself?

Good question. I don’t know the answer. But I suspect that there was a decision made at some point not to care whether Mr. Epstein exited the scene.

We need to know more about this. And perhaps we will find out. Stay tuned!

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