More on Weight Loss and Insulin

A posted a while back I posted on how I lost around 50 pounds over a period of 4 months or so. I have kept my new lower weight pretty steady since then, despite the occasional splurge.

I posted that I probably did not really understand why my diet regime worked. I thought it was about calories in and out balance. Now I read that it may have been more about lowering my insulin levels by regular moderate exercise with intermittent fasting, and cutting out sugar (less booze).

This article gets into the insulin thing more deeply. If you have a weight issue you may want to check it out.

And there is more still! There appears to be a thing called “leptin resistance” This appears to be a syndrome where leptin signals to the brain (that the body has plenty of fat and no food is needed) do not work. Apparently, researchers do not know why this happens. But when it does, the body has high leptin levels (because there is a lot of fat and fat cells produce leptin) and the brain signals EAT MORE!

My take on this —  I find that when I overeat for a few days, my body goes into a phase where it wants to gain weight for days after that. So on Saturday and Sunday I may splurge and then on Monday I get hungry even though I am back to my normal diet regime. That wears off in another day or two if I moderately exercise. So there appears to be a “surge” effect of some sort that overpowers leptin at least temporarily. To get beyond that surge effect, you need to commit to a few days of exercise and moderate suffering in order to get back to a balance that maintains your weight. Perhaps this is because the sudden increase in food intake triggers a massive hormonal reaction, and the brain gets overloaded with messaging. The few days after are needed for hormone levels to subside a bit and the messaging to get back in order.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “More on Weight Loss and Insulin”

  1. Really interesting article. Indubitably insuline levels and the “sugar problem” in the food industry is one of the biggest problems of our time. Even in Basque Country with people having less and less time for the traditional food diet, the sugar is becoming the king of the meal. Processed foods are more usual every day and different sugar syrups to add flavour and to make people buy eat much bigger rations/portions/ unites they got in here to stay.
    In my city/town (27.000 inhabilitans) we udes to have no less than 15 cake shops plus 10 bakerirs for bread and sweet breads in the olf times.
    Nowadays we have less than 8 all togerher but the levels of diabetes and obesity have risen a lot. The plague is here also, fortunately thanks to articles like this one people can understand better what is going on and take action.
    Funny how in many ways “modernity” is less modern than tradition…

  2. Very true! This is what happens when we give over to big firms the power to dictate our daily habits to us. They sell us stuff that is the most profitable, not necessarily what we need. And, as we saw with cigarettes and now we see with sugar, they have no incentive to educate or even to learn themselves — unless it translates into a more positive balance sheet. Having said that, I am no wild eyed commie or radical. We need these firms to give us stuff — but we cannot assume that they will give us what we want. We have to demand it. Then we get it. So you are right on! Articles like this help people realize what is actually going on with their health, and as they wake up to that, they change their daily habits. Errr —- hopefully!

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