Rosé from Txakolina?

One can be mistaken for thinking that only the Provence region makes rosé. Not true by a long shot. These great summer wines come from all over the place. And one of those places is Basque Country. Eric Asimo writes

Ameztoi is from Basque Country in northern Spain, which has no rosé tradition. Ameztoi started making this wine in the last 10 years or so, and it has proved to be highly popular in the United States.

It is from the Txakolina region.

Image result for Txakolina region

It is light — and I think worth a try.  You might even consider visiting to check out the people who make the wine!

Cellar Tours can do this for you as part of their Basque Country Food an Wine Tour

Northern Spain Gastronomy offers a tour as well (I guarantee you that this name will grate on the nerves of the Basque who do not like to be thought of as “northern Spain”)

you might also check out Basque Tours

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Rosé from Txakolina?”

  1. You are totally right you got my nerves 😉 to us calling peninsular “Basque Country” Northern Spain is like calling your grandfather Russian and Estohia Western Russia 😁 but you know that and everything is about geopolitics…
    In any case red rose txakoli ( gorri is rose in Basque language ) has been always popular in the province of Bizkaia and almost no existing in Gipuzkoa. Araba didn’t have a tradition since couple of decades ago because part of “Rioja” is in Araba and they have an ancient tradition of making “tempranillo” type of wines.
    Per capita no place in the world gets even closer to Michelin stars and it is not that expensive.
    For example, “Etxabarri Erretegia” the 3rd best restaurant in the world and only one that is a grill… cost average 180 euros a meal.
    The quality is amazing (no fish no – vegan food) but the owners philosophy is to make it accessible to everyone (getting a reservation is the big issue ). The Alamaba born but Basque adopted Marti Buckley always says that the main thing that makes Basque super-chefs special…is their accessibility and modesty.
    We will make this trip happen soon Mike.

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