It Was Negroni Week, and I was Looking for a Great Bar …

I am always up for a Negroni, and it is Negroni week. Not only that, we are celebrating the 100th birthday of this magical mixture.

You may or may not be a negoni afficionado. Regardless, you probably either have or want to have in mind magical places in great destinations where you can savor an amazing negroni, or some other concoction, and enjoy the thrill of just being there.

Where would that be?

If you are like me, the more places you know about, the better! So without further ado, from AFAR celebrating the centennial of the Negroni, top “mixologists” and cocktail experts  give us their recs for top places

In case you just want the list, here it is

  • Gaz Regan – London – The American Bar at the Savoy
  • Gaz Regan – New York-  PDT in the East Village at Crif Dogs
  • Mia Mastroianni  – Milan – Bar Basso for its Negroni Sbagliato
  • Mia Mastroianni  – Los Angeles – Melrose Umbrella Co.
  • Meaghan Dorman – New Yoork – Attaboy and Dante
  • Meaghan Dorman . Madrid – 1862 Dry Bar
  • Salvatore Calabrese – Amalfi Coast  Matinee Cocktail Bar
  • Katie Parla – Rome – Jerry Thomas Project or Stravinskij Bar

And there are more recs – places that offer imaginative riffs on the classic drink

  • For DIY cocktail club Shaker & Spoon’s June Negroni-themed subscription box, Mastroianni created a Turin-meets-the-tropics Danger Juice that kicks up the heat by mixing Campari and gin with pineapple and lemon juice, serrano chili syrup, and a dash of Aztec Chocolate bitters.
  • Dorman created the Negroni Isle for Dear Irving on Hudson. Inspired by the high-energy of NYC bartenders and their love of caffeine, it’s a blend of Campari, rum, sweet vermouth, Ancho Reyes chile liqueur, cold brew coffee, and coconut cream with an orange twist and a dusting of chocolate.
  • Calabrese loves to use centuries-old spirits in his cocktails. One of his favorite twists on the classic Negroni is his vintage version that uses a 1970s Campari.
  • Chetan Gangan of NYC’s East Village BAAR BAAR, who recently joined the restaurant from Mumbai, created a Chai Negroni that infuses notes of ginger, cardamom, and tea powder into a classic Negroni and tops it off with a Bombay Khari (puff pastry).
  • Chris Amirault of Otium in Los Angeles created the Everything Is Everything Negroni. The mixologist loves to incorporate salinity into his Negroni, and the everything bagel spice that rims the cocktail is sourced from his local farmers’ market in LA.
  • Camille Cavan is creating a Sage Negroni at Quaintrelle in Portland, Oregon, that stirs it up with a raspberry reduction and sage tincture with side of fried sage for snacking.
  • A Negroni Sbagliato at Nashville’s Henley keeps Campari in the mix, but substitutes Lustau Vermut Rojo (sherry) for the gin and tops it off with “The Champagne of Beers,” all-American Miller High Life.
  • ort Lauderdale’s ETARU’s Tokyo Lowrider combines smoky mezcal, plum sake, sweet vermouth, and Campari. Around the world in one Negroni.

So there it is! What could go wrong?

if this is your cup of tea, NYT has weighed in on the Negroni story as well. Anyone for a frozen negroni?

Enjoy your Negroni!

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