Porto: One Wall Has Six Heads

We are talking about a hotel. A new hotel called Torel 1884 Suites and Apartments.  Here is a peek inside

Image result for Torel 1884 Suites and Apartment

The experience unpacks this way

As guests enter the hotel, through a short corridor off of one of Porto’s most bustling streets, they pass tall potted trees and a striking artwork, by prominent local artist João Pedro Rodrigues. It is based on the muses of Luis Camões’s Lusiads (Portugal’s answer to the Iliad). One wall has six heads representing the gods of nature, purity and the celestial, and the other has 13 heads portraying the physical world and people with all their weaknesses.

Yes, the six heads.

If his is not enough to lure you to visit Porto, there is yet another hotel opening – Le Monumental Palace, a French offering. It has its own charms.

Image result for Porto Le Monumental Palace

Behind the monumental Gothic facade, it still has many of its original Art Deco and Art Nouveau elements. Others were re-created with great care. They carefully chose the grandiose mirrors, luxurious chandeliers and Portuguese marbles and carpets. There’s wrought iron from antique shops. It adds up to bring back the glamour of the Monumental Café in its 1930s heyday.

Here is your link to go a bit deeper as you imagine your trip to Porto. Anyone for a river cruise?

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