Finding Nirvana in a Barcelona Wine Bar

Put yourself into the story

When I walked into La Graciosa, a bare bones, one-year-old wine bar in Barcelona, I was already thirsty from all the day-drinking I’d been doing (I was on VACATION, okay?). One of the owners, who’d been unpacking a limitless supply of boxes (boxes EVERYWHERE), was happy to oblige, and pointed us a bottle of Spanish natural wine to try. “But what can we have by the glass?” I asked. He looked confused. You can have whatever you want!

Feel the vibe?

La Graciosa is a friendly, wine-nerdy place. There’s a bookshelf of cool wines to drink or buy, a bar lit by hanging green globe lamps, a few tables and big wine barrels-as-tables, and a cozy, secret-feeling backyard. They have crispy breads and the aforementioned anchovies. It’s in a cool neighborhood too, Gràcia, and steps away from La Vermuteria del Tano, a tiny treasure of a corner bar with fragrant, delicious house vermouth from a big barrel I wanted to wrap in bubble wrap and take home. But my suitcase was already full.

La Graciosa

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Image result for La Vermuteria del Tano

Here is your link.

And here is your guide to the Garcia neighborhood.

The rest is up to you.


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