Next Stop – Central Otago for Riesling from Mount Edward

Central Otago? We are talking about something like this

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And this

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‘Yes – This is New Zealand  – the green bit below

Related image

A key fact about New Zealand as a wine producer

If New Zealand were located in the Northern Hemisphere, it would roughly stretch from Paris to North Africa, encompassing a huge range of climates.

And what about Central Otago?

Distinct for its continental climate and mountainous terrain, the area has built its reputation on Pinot Noir, but today’s wine proves that other grapes have serious potential here, too. The Mount Edward Riesling 2017 is an explosion of flavor and texture from one of the region’s most exciting producers.

What do we know about Mount Edward’s Riesling?

This Riesling comes from the Morrison Vineyard of Lowburn, an area located on the western side of Lake Dunstan. One winemaker described the wines made in Lowburn as having a “genial approachability.” This Riesling in particular is grown on soils of loess, or windblown sediment created by glaciers, over schist gravels, which tend to create grapes with more concentration and minerality.

Here is the winery

Image result for Mount Edward Winery

So what is the big deal?

All peaks and valleys, carved through by stunning lakes and rivers, Central Otago is the country’s coolest and highest-elevation winegrowing region. Winemaking is possible because of particularly intense sunlight, huge temperature swings between day and night, and hot summers to counteract cold, sometimes snowy, winters. This results in wines that have robust, ripe fruit flavors contrasted with incredible acidity and tannic structure.

An the taste?

Laser-sharp, limey acidity drives this wine, giving it a chiseled, pithy texture. In true Central Otago style, there’s plenty of ripe fruit here too—white peach, snappy apple—but freshness and minerality are the driving forces.

I’m sold. How about you?

Quick follow – If you can find this, it should run around €25 or so for the 2017 vintage



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