The Sixers will Not Get Bjelica

Too bad for us! It seems that Nemanja Bjelica did not get the contract terms that he wanted, and will head back to Europe instead of playing for the Sixers next season.

I was looking forward to seeing what this dude could do on the floor, but he was going to have a back up role at best. So this is not the end of the world for the Sixers.

All the best to ya, dude!


4 thoughts on “The Sixers will Not Get Bjelica”

  1. Humm that’s bad because he was the kind of player the Sixers need. 4,4M for a year it seems quite “low” salary… to NBA standards today. But the difference is so huge with the Euroleague that only CSKA Moskow, Fenerbahçe or Khimki could afford those numbers.. and he is not a real star, not even in Europe.
    Are the Sixers still obsessed with Leonard and trying to save money to offfer an impossible to refuse deal? Weird…

    1. Hi – not sure about Leonard. I posted about that before. So far, it seems that the Spurs are demanding too much in return. Fultz? But we will find out in the next month. I think the Sixers offered Bjelica what they thought he was worth to the team. That is low because they already have Chandler, and Bjelica would have to fight for minutes.

      1. Yep, that makes sense… but I still have a bad feeling about Leonard..
        I hope 76ers get Beasley, much better player than Bjelica. I just have read that Bjelica was getting 4,4M in Phili but just 2,5 after taxes… and in Europe someone team offered 3M tax free plus his family wanted to return to Europe. Anyway strange move.
        Can’t wait to see Fultz in pre season …

  2. Well, Kawhi is headed to Toronto. I am not unhappy about that. I don’t think he will stay there for more than a year. So next year, he will be back on the market. Meanwhile, the Sixers have time to grow!

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