When You Get to Lake Como …

There are lots of things you can do in Lombardy. Here is a plan.

Here is an image

Image result for Signora Lodovica Lake como

And here is one of those things

Just an hour out of Milan, accomplished chef and impeccable hostess Signora Lodovica invites her guests to take a gastronomic journey through Como’s culinary history. In her tavern kitchen you will learn how to make a number of dishes, including gnocchi and fresh-off-the-hook fish straight from the lake.

Go for it!

2 thoughts on “When You Get to Lake Como …”

    1. I found this via he Luxos article, and oddly enough, the article does not provide a direct contact. The Signora is also featured in “Tours by Locals” at his link — https://www.toursbylocals.com/discover-Como-private-Tour-cooking-class — and you might try contacting this local tour guide (contact info at that link). Another idea — the hotels in the Lake Como area may know her and might provide you with contact info as part of their own marketing – you can find a short list of hotels in my Italy Lombardy Lakes page — https://buzzography.wordpress.com/ultimate-travel/italy-lombardy-lake-district/ —- another idea. You might try contacting media hubs that promote Italy tours, like Italy Magazine — https://www.italymagazine.com/ — or you might try contacting the tourist centers that are connected to Milan and/or Lake Como.

      Any readers have experience with the Signora and/or more info?

      I hope this helps, and sorry I cannot give you the info directly! Please let me know how this turns out!.

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