Whither Kawhi? To the Sixers? Perhaps!

Kawhi Leonard has made it pretty clear that he wants out of San Antonio. But where will he go?  The  trade rumors re already starting to heat up, even though we will not hear about a deal until July.

The main contenders are the Celtics, Lakers and Sixers. Of these three, the Celtics have the most to offer. But for the Celitcs to pull the trigger, they would probably have to part with Kyrie and others. Hmmm … the Lakers are not a great option, except that they are located in LA. And the Sixers? Brett Brown knows Kawhi and Kawhi might crave the opportunity to play with Joel and Ben.

And what if the Sixers get both LeBron and Kawhi?

Yikes! The Sixers would go from a team that has no one on one offense to a team loaded with one on one offensive potential.  And if Ben stays and develops a jump shot? OOOOO!


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