The Cauliflower that Drives Chefs Crazy!

Every day, I check out quite a few food sites. I do it mainly for fun and I get inspiration for things to try out during the week. BTW, these also give me ideas about kitchen upgrades — always a fun topic for me.

So today, I bumped into a new site reference when I went to Epicurious. called “How Sweet Eats” by Jessica Merchant. 

Epi featured kitchen stuff that Jessica says she can’t do without. Nothing hugely surprising there – except perhaps the Nespresso machine.  I waddled over to Jessica’s blog and found a recipe for sweet and spicy roasted cauliflower.

Cauliflower? Cauliflower is one of those veggies that I would like to like, but lack a killer recipe. I will check this out!

Image result for sweet and spicy cauliflower

Meanwhile, I see that Jessica is not the only one roasting her cauliflower this way. The Fitchen has a recipe.

The pic is from Anna Banana who has a recipe too.

Hmm … kitchn does too.

12 Tomatoes Does too.

As does A Mind Full of Men.

It appears that everyone on the planet is making this … except me!

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