When Ghosts are Expected´

To be honest, I don’t actually believe in ghosts. But I do like a good ghost story! This one, involving Nathaniel Stephens fits the bill.

Stephens hesitated in signing onto the parliamentary faction prosecuting King Charles I. He eventually signed on, which enraged his daughter, Abigail. She put a curse on him for doing it and Stephens fell terminally ill just a few months after Charles was beheaded. Here is where the fun beings

As Stephens’ funeral took place, servants saw a black carriage, driven by a headless man, draw up before the house. The figure of Stephens then appeared to drift down the stairs and step into the waiting coach. The headless man then assumed the countenance of Charles I. In a final dramatic flourish, as Charles drove Stephens away, the coach burst into flames. This was said to be Charles’s judgment upon the man who had betrayed his king. Ever since, whenever the head of the household dies, Charles appears to spirit them away – a light-hearted family myth perhaps, but one rooted in Royalist propaganda.

The bursting into flames bit is a nice touch, dont you think?

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