Books: The White King by de Lisle

It is rather odd, I think, that the Tudors are a much bigger draw than the Stuarts. We love hearing again and again how fat Henry VIII was and how clever his daughter Elizabeth was. But we virtually ignore one of the greatest dramas of British history – its civil war that ended with the beheading of a king, Charles I.

And yet, that story is incredible. At the center of it all is the king. What sort of man was he? Consistent with our overall dismissive attitude about the civil war, Charles is considered to be a bit of a dunce – out of touch with reality.

In fact, Charles was not a dunce. He was principled and brave.  In another time, he might have succeeded. But at that particular moment in history, he was doomed.  New forces were at work that would shape the modern world.

Check out “The White King” by de Lisle to get into this story

Image result for The White King de Lisle

Or if you are not persuaded, check out this review by the Seventeenth Century Lady.


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