Why Trump is Irrelevant on Climate Change

Feeling a bit blue? Read this for a “pick me up”. Enjoy!

Donald Trump will be long remembered for his gesture of pulling the US out of the Paris Agreements. But what effect will that have overall? That depends on what forces are actually driving the human species in coping with climate change. According to Andrew Beebe, thsoe forces are not “top down”.

… all of the stakeholders addressing climate change were moving on their own before Paris, and virtually all of them already had in place plans which would result in exceeding the Paris goals. This is true of the U.S. as well. The real value of Paris was simply coming together to collectively acknowledge the challenge and show unity around a future engagement for the next steps after Paris.

It is an optimistic scenario. Moreover, as innovation drives the cost of alternative fuels down further, we will see more innovative adaptions that will multiply their impact on enegy markets.

Stay tuned on this one! And pat your dog.  It will perk you up!


2 thoughts on “Why Trump is Irrelevant on Climate Change”

  1. Yeah, I need a pick me up! A little used argument for the value of the United Nations is that it serves the world just by dint of providing a collegial forum for dialogue. Paris brought everyone together, even if the US is a disappointment.

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