Getting Beyond Trump

Ever since last November, I have been spewing forth venom upon the thing we call Trump. I do not apoplogize. I do not regret. But I do look forward when the word Trump leaves my vocabulary. Like the way Bush left my vocabulary a while back.

What does that world look like? It might look a bit like Oregon! HuffPo has an interesting profile on what politicans (democrats) are doing there to expand healthcare, etc.

Will this be a harbinger of a changed national mood? We will find out quite a bit in the 2018 elections. – perhaps th emost important elections that we have seen in quite a whie.

The other day, Rachel Maddow brought out an interesting factoid. A year before the 2010 elections — you might recall that  that is when the Tea Party stormed into Washington — there was a blip in registrations of Republican Party canddiates seeking to run who had a base level of financing. Rachel argued that this correlates with Republicans taking back the House a year later in 2010.  So how are candidate registrations looking now? Registrations of Democratic Party candidates are more than 2 times larger than the Republcan candidate blip in 2009.  If Rachel is right, we might be in for some surprises.



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