Kelly to Scaramucci, “And Shut the Door on the Way Out”

Clearly there was a deal. John Kelly would take the most miserable job on the planet as Trump’s chief of staff, but he demanded things in return. And one of those things was that Anthony Scaramucci be shown the door immediately, if not sooner.

Kelly got what he wanted there. But we don’t really know the extent of the deal that he made with Trump. It was — and remains — in Kelly’s interest that Trump delegate authorites to him so that he can manage affairs that the Whtie House. And btw, I would argue that it is in the country’s interest as well that we have some assurance that there is at least one adult in the room at the White House at all times. But the Donald is not a great delegator. So who knows how this will play out.

Meanwhile, does anyone have anything nice to say about Mr. Scaramucci?  Don’t all shout at once.


4 thoughts on “Kelly to Scaramucci, “And Shut the Door on the Way Out””

  1. Victorians are reputed to have been all buttoned up. But Disraeli was entertaining! Though not quite the vocabulary of the Mooch.

  2. Wow! Disraeli and the Mooch?! Disraeli did lead a rather extravagant life as a young man, first in banking (where he lost a huge amount of money that he had to repay) then as a writer. But he did a 180 when he went into polit8ics.

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