AI will Stay Stupid Before it Gets Smart

When Google first put out its search engine, I initially thought that I had found nirvana. I could now connect with anyone, anywhere, and find out just about anything. We now know that while search is useful, it is far from perfect. And there are inherent limitations to search that are not easily overcome.  We are thinking about life beyond search.

The same is true for AI. While AI promoters are evangelizing how AI will enable us to do much, much more, current realities are that deep neural networks cannot perform on an error free basis. And my best guess is that this will remain true for the foreseeable future.  Siri will get marginally smarter, but will not become Einstein overnight. BTW, Einstein was not perfect either.

That means considerable value added can be gained by designing business models that  take advantage of AI, but that are not prisoners of AI. In other words, business modesl that reward learning itself and sharing that learning to network partcipants. What to call this? Learning networks? Something like that. But the odd thing is that we still don’t do this very well. We are still wedded to ecologies that exploit curren tlearning rtaher than develop future learning.

That should change.


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