A Return to Order in the Senate?

The melodramatic antics of Donald Trump sometimes drive the melodramatic antics of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell off the front page. But the enormous debacle that McConnell just put the Senate through in the so-called health care “debate” might change that.

McConnell was desperate to pass a health care bill that repealed Obamacare. It mattered not whether that bill was good policy. It mattered not whether the procedures that he imposed were destructive to the comity of the Senate. It mattered not whether anyone knew what the hell they were voting for. McConnell pulled out all the stops to get something passed. And he failed.

Thank the Lord that he failed! It has delayed the imposition of health care system chaos. And it has demonstrated that even among the spineless wonders thta are the Congressional Republicans, there are limits to what they will swallow. A few of them — just enough — just said “no”.

John McCain cast a key vote in killing this monster. And Chuck Schumer gave tribute to McCain for doing it in a polite, reasonable gesture from the floor. It is worth watching that to remind ourselves that being reasonable is not a crime. It is not a sign of weakness. Even when the powers that be are not reasonable, there is hope that some who are professionally engaged in politics still are.  And the rest of us can aspire to this seemingly modest yet for reasons that are less than clear, rarely expected standard.


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