Oinker Alert: Thy Name is Benczkowski

I am once again in awe of the audacity by which the Trump Administration pursues its ends.

The US Justice Deparment is pursuing a criminal case against a dude  named Dmytro Firtash. According to the Justice Department court filings, Firtash not only sought to bribe officials of the Indian gvoernment, he sought to do the same here in the US. And more recently, the Justice Department claims that Firtash is a part of the Russian mafia. So what? Well, Firtash also had questionable business relatoinships with Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Right. High level prosecution, overseen by the Assistant Attorney General in charge of Criminal Division. The case is going forward in New York.  All is well, right?

Not so fast! Donald Trump is appointing a new Assoistant Attorney General in charge of the Criminal Division. Trump has nominated a guy by the name of Brian Benzckowski. So what? Well, in addition to being a Trump campaign dude,, up until a month ago,  Benczekowski worked for Alpha Bank — a bank that is closely associated with Vlad Putin.  Hmmm … a guy who worked at a suspect Russian bank overseeing a case about illicit Russian financing? What coudl go wrong?

Not only that, Benczkowski has refused to say that he would recuse himself from matters related to the above case.

Couldn’t they find ANYONE else for this job?  Apparently not. So it goes in Trumpsitan!



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