Why Trump Can’t Fire Sessions

We are spectators to yet another bizarro land Trump  experience. Ignoring that the White House is not supposed to meddle in Justice Department affairs, Donald Trump has weighed in about his displeaure with his attorney general, Jeff Sessions. What  did Sessions do wrong? Apparently two things

  • he recused himself from Trump campaign matters (as he was required to do by ethics rules)
  • he is not investigating people whom Trump believes should be investigated (political opponents who have already been investigated by the FBI)

It does not take much genius to see that both complaints amount to attempts to exert control over the attorney general’s running the Justice Department. Nicht gut! And it is widely reported that Trump is doing this in order to get rid of Sessoinsand replace him with somene who will be more compliant – most likely in firing Bob Mueller.  So much for the rule of law!

So why not just fire Sessions and bring in a new stooge? Trump has the pwer to do so. But he has seen already when he fired Jim Comey that having the power to do something does not mean he can exercise that power cost free. It would be much better for Trump if Sessions just resigns. Then Trump can claim that it was Sessions’s own decision. If Trump fires him, Trump has to explain why, and he doesn’t want to admit that in public. Or at least his lawyers don’t want him to admit that in public. Hence the melodramatic complaints in the media. “Come on Jeff! Can’t you take the hint?”

So why would Trump’s lawyers not want him to admit why he wants to get rid of Sessions? If the desire to fire Sessions is to get rid of Mueller — and Trump admits that  — it is further evidence of obstruction of justice – an impeachable offense, if you don’t already know.


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