Yes, It’s Time to Politicize the Boy Scouts!

The Boy Scouts is a venerable US institution. It is supposed to help young boys learn bsaic skills that help them grow into responsible men. Sure, they have uniforms. But not like storm troopers! Politics is the last topic that the boy scouts want to get involved with.

So enter stage right, Donald Trump, who as the sitting president, is the honorary president of the Boy Scouts. He gave a speech to anassembly off boys where you would expect him to talk about the values of the boy scouts.

Of course, Donald Trump did not do that. He gave a campaign style speech that was highly political and peppered with nastiness.  The younger boys in attendance probably had no clue what he was talking about. But the older ones did. And needless to say, there was all around disgust at this display.

Does this dude have no sense of propriety?

Alas,these are the times that we are living through. Trump harranging a buch of young boys about Obamacare and more. Good Lord!


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