Should the Sixers Pursue Kyrie Irving?

Kyrie Irving dropped a bomb when he anounced that he wanted to be traded form the Cavs. He wants to be the number one dude on some team, rather than play second fiddle to LeBron. Ok. So what will happen?

Ok. So what will happen? The Cavs will probably do a deal. Indeed, rumors are that they have reached an agreement to take Dereck Rose from the Knicks to replace Irving.  And it is likely that teams are scratching their heads about whethe to make a move for Irving.

Should the Sixers? The answer, in my humble opinion, is an emphatic no.  Liberty Ballers nail the analysis Irving is an offensive wizard. But his defense sucks. And he would come with a big ego and price tag. And the Sixers just traded up to get Markelle Fultz. You are not going to keep both Fultz and Irving around.



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