Errrr … Excuse me, but how Comfortable are your Underpants?

It is, of course, not a question that one is asked every day. Nor is it a question that most of us think about very much. They are likely “good enough”. Indeed, that is why many men tend not to replace them very frequently. Hmmm …

But a company called MeUndies wants to change all that. MeUndies wants you to consider that your underpants could be more stylish and comfortable. And they could cost less than the Ralf Lauren or other brand name products that you can buy at department stores.  And they could be delivered to your home, so you don’t even have to go to the store to get a regular supply of whatever styles you like.

It is an odd idea, but I think it is a good one. That is why I contacted MeUndies and said that I want to subscribe. There is only one problem. The shipping fees to get MeUndies to me here in Tartu are too high. That problem could be solved if MeUndies went international. And I pitched the idea.

How would it work? Simple. MeUndies makes their products in Turkey. At least they do for the time being (businesses in Turkey are being targeted by Erdogan). Instead of all this product being shipped to the US, ship some to a distribution center located somewhere in Europe. Perhaps Estonia? And create local franchisees that can advertise in local languages. The local franchises do all the front office sales work, and the back office delivers. You get superior customer service, fast delivery and reduced shipping costs.

Did my pitch work? Errr … not yet anyway. So, in the meantime, you can get MeUndies outside the states, but the product is a bit expensive with the shipping costs thrown in. BTW, I can attest that the product itself is really nice.

Stay tuned!


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