Blue Apron, Appetizing but Expensive!

I was enthusiastic about Blue Apron. I liked the idea of not having to shop for all the ingredients to make a gourmet meal. It was a dream that they could be delivered to me asa single package along with the recipes so I could just do my thing in the kitchen.

Blue Apron thought that this was their ticket. But their IPO has been, shall we say, disappointing, and they are now on the ropes.

What went wrong? It seems that the product is just too expensive for most folks. Budget trumps luxury. If so, we can expect the more cost conscious food distributors (like Amazon and Walmart) to see if they can carve out a niche. Their products will be more generic and less expesnive. Walmart will no doubt develop its drive through pick up option as well to leverage its huge network of stores. Perhaps one day, Amazon will deliver your dinner by drone.

For now, too bad!


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