The Chilling Voice from Behind the Locked Door and Other Ghost Stories

It is summer. Deep summer. We have time for amusements. And not all of our amusements make us laugh. Some of them are intended to bring a chill to the spine. I am talking about ghost stories.

If you are into this genre, you must know that the best ghost stories are told about haunted mansions and forts. And the British countyside is loaded with them! A new book is coming out with noted authors spinning new tales of horror!

Here is a snippet from the article.

Once a month, English Heritage, which manages the (Dover Castle tunnel) site, evacuates the tunnels for staff to perform sweeps, searching for any of the mysterious figures that tourists have reported seeing. In one report, a heavy door slammed shut and a stretcher trolley, part of a wartime exhibit, raced along the corridor as if pushed by a violent force. In another, a stranger in wartime fatigues approached a small boy asking for his help to find “Helen” (neither man nor his quarry were found).

One of my favorites is the story that Bill Murray tells to a camfire audience in the surprisingly entertaining film, Meatballs.. Here it is! Enjoy! And watch out for the claw!


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