Let’s Face it: Trump is Not a Politician

Donald Trump is lots of things, and some of those things might even be positive. But one thing is clear. He did not run for president, nor is he governing as president because of any interest in policy or government.

Case in point: Since the inauguration, the White House and Repubiclancontrolled Congress have not passed a single piece of significant legislation. The only major effort was to repeal and replace obamaCare. That has been an enormous fiasco. Not just because the bill has not made it out of Congress. Because it is perceived by many to be a ridiculous effort that if passed, would injure many and benefit only the rich.

And Donald Trump is a major reason for this disaster. From Vox

The core problem is Trump has no idea what he’s talking about on health care and never bothered to learn. “Nobody knew health care could be so complicated,” he famously, and absurdly, said. His inability to navigate its complexities meant he couldn’t make persuasive arguments on behalf of the bills he supported, and he routinely made statements that undercut the legislative process and forced Republicans to defend the indefensible.

If Trump does not even bother to learn about the core piece of legislation that will define his first term, what is he doing? Not politics. Whatever it is, I am confident that it is in his self-interest.


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