Trump and Russian Money

Seva Gunitsky offers the most coherent explanation for the Rump/Putin bromance. It is all about money.

Check it out!

BTW, one part of Seva’s argument makes perfect sense. Trump cannot release his tax returns because they will show how deeply he is indebted to Russian oligarchs. That means at some point, Mueller et al will subpeoona those tax returns and all will come out.  When it odes, it will raise a lot of eyebrows.

At that point, Trump may decide that enough is enough. He may try to pull a Nixon – resigning due to health concerns in return for a Pence pardon. Lots of other folks will go to jail (as I recall 44 did as part of the Watergate scandal).  But Trump will never admit wrongdoing.

If this is right, it also makes sense that Trump does not see himself in the White House for the long haul. He wants an “in and out” experience, where he covers his Russian debts and walks away free as a bird.

So the failure of Trumpcare? Who cares?

Let’s see how this plays out.


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