Books: Forgotten Paradise

I was truly delighted yesterday when I received word that two Folio books had arrived in`TArtu via the post. One is “Cider with Rosie” by Laurie Lee.  The second is an illustrated version of the Hobbit. We all know who wrote that one.

Cider with Rosie is the firstt book of a trilogy about what village life in the Cotswolds was like before the motor car. The last chapter starts off this way

The last days of my childhood were also the last days of the village. I belonged to that generation wich saw, by chance, the end of a thousand years’ life. The change came late to our Cotswold valley, didn’t really show itself till the 1920’s; I was twelve by then, but during that handful of years I witnessed the whole thing happen.

That period  captures my imagination. Not because I would personally like to go back and actually live in those times. But because  the stories that I can enjoy from the period are so different than our own.

BTW, as I was walking thruogh the food store with my books in hand, my mobile phone rang. It was the central office of a different food store. The nice lady said that I had won a prize for shopping there – a free bicycle. Would I drive over over to pick it  up? Of course!

You see what I mean? A sort of magical day!


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