Remembering Martin Landau

Landau was a great actor who loved his craft. He played many roles, but I will always remember him as Leonard in Hitchcock’s “North By Norwest”.

James Mason plays the main bad guy in the film, and Landau is his “secretary”. Mason is the sophisticate — a role that he plays wonderfully — and Landau is does the dirty work.  There is a delightful balance to Landau’s character on the screen. You notice him, but in no way does he take your attention from the main actors, Mason and Cary Grant. The perfect compliment.

Vox has a send-off article (Landau just passed on at the ripe old age of 89) with a clip from North by Northwest.

And if you are into Landau, check out this 2012 interview he did for the Guardian. Did you know that he was James Dean’s buddy? And that he dated Marilyn Monroe, albeit briefly?



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