Are Liberals Too Irritating to Win?

Josh Barro argues that they are.

And whta is so irritating? The moralistic, holier than thou talk about what things you should not do any more: BTW, that used to be a conservative problem. Liberals were the party of the people – more tolerant and lower middle class. Somehow that got lost in the politics of the moment.

FDR made a big deal about being a traitor to his class – and the blue collar vote loved it. Truman was not a scolder. Stevenson? Kennedy? Johnson? Hmmm … not really as far as I know. But Carter? Yes. Definately holier than thou. Ted Kennedy? Yes. Mondale? Yes. Dukakis? Yes. Clinton? No. Gore? Yes. Kerry? Yes. Obama? Hmmm … he was more laid back. Hillary? Yes.

You might dispute some of the above. But I think Josh has a point.


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