You Need to read what Jody Kriss has to Say about the Donald

Donald Trump has denied that he knew anything about the meeting that took place in Trump Tower while he was there between his son, his campaign manager, and a senior advisor on one side, and at least three Russians (two of which have contacts with the Russian government) on the other.

Now consider what Jody Kriss has to say about Trump Sr..

“Donald (Sr.) had to agree to every term of every deal and had to sign off on everything,” Kriss, who worked with the real-estate company Bayrock before leaving because he was convinced it was a money laundering front, told O’Brien last month. “Nothing happened unless he said it was okay to do it. Even if Donald Jr., shook your hand on a deal, he came back downstairs to renegotiate if his father told him to.”

Think for a moment. Do you really think that this meeting happened without Donald Sr. knowing about it and approving it?  Nonsense on stilts if you consider his  past history — especially  when you think of the potential importance of the information that could be gained, and the players involved?

My bet — Trump Sr. was aware that the meeting was going to happen (which is why he was at Trump Towers at that time) and he was either there at the meeting or at least immediately informed of the result of the meeting after it was over.

And do you really believe that the meeting produced no results? Do you really believe that the Russians — knowing why the Trumps wanted the meeting — would have come without anything to offer? That would have been stupid. And I do not believe that they are stupid.

Finally, given the cover up the Trumps have invested in about this meeting and other Russia contacts, do you really think that they were and are unaware that they were violating the law?

What do you think?


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