Worried about the Popped Crypto Bubble?`Get over it!

It was bound to happen, and it is happening. The rapid rise in the valuations of bitcoin and Ether have ended and prices have tumbled. They may tumble further.

Does this mean the end of the crytpo-currency fad? Fred Wilson thinks not. He argues that crypto is not primarily here as a speculative invetment vehicle. There are other reasons why folks are experimenting with it.

I agree. But do I own any bitcoin or ether? No. And I would not buy any either. On the other hand, I have chatted with folks about ICO’s. So far, we have not found a platform where it makes sense — and we have found out that we do not  have enough experience from a business modeling point of view to take any huge risks. I think ten years from now, that will sound quaint.


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